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Why choose us?

Our team of professional dentists offers the highest standard of dental care for you and your entire family. Excellence in dentistry begins with goals that we establish and treat together. We offer a vast array of services so that you and your family can get all your dental needs in one place. With the latest in technologies, the best of oral hygiene are available to you.

Our Mission

At South Coast Dental Specialists, our team is devoted to provide extraordinary dental treatments. We want all our patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their dental health care, from treatment plans and services, even to insurance coverage. We understand that dental health care can be confusing and complicated. We want to alleviate that from you and get you the treatment that you are looking for.




Dr. Massoud Kashanchi, DDS Prosthodontist

Dr. Massoud Kashanchi, DDS Featured in Orange County Podcast

Russell Toppi, DDS


Dr. Richard Barone, DDS

Gentle Dentistry

Dr. Massoud Kashanchi, DDS


Emese Imry, DDS


Dr. Hassan Haidar, DDS

Oral Surgeon

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